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The method of notching and painting on eagle feathers as symbols of war accomplishments is very old and seldom seen. The meaning of the symbols varied widely from tribe to tribe, and sometimes even within the same tribal groups. The use of these symbols largely died out after the 1840’s, but some photos can be found that show use of some of these symbols in the 1870’s-1880’s.


The following is only one interpretation of the symbols as I use them. Other forms of notched markings are know to me, but I have elected to present only these styles at this time.  Any color of painted quill can be ordered with any of the notches or symbols.

Ceremonial Honor Markings 02.jpg
  1. My painted quills represent a strip of porcupine quillwork attached to the feather. Each band of color represents an enemy killed.

  2. A single notch shows that a scalp was taken from an enemy

  3. Multiple notch shown the number of enemy struck during one battle

  4. Circular dots show the number of enemy killed

  5. Horse tracks show the number of horses stolen in a raid

  6. The use of a lightning bolt is not traditional for the period of history referred to, but shows the relationship of the wearer with the Thunder, with means many different things to different tribes.

Earrings Starting from $30.00

1 Single Earring Medium $30.00  - Small Earrings $49.00   - Medium Earrings $59.00 - Large Earrings $69.00 - Double Earrings Small & Medium $110.00


Necklaces Starting from $49.00

Single Feather Necklace on Sterling  $49.00  - Single Feather Necklace on Black Onyx $49 .00 - Three Feather Necklace on Black Onyx $95 .00 - Five Feather Necklace on Black Onyx  $155.00 - Fifteen Feather Necklace on Black Onyx  $360.00

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