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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your bone?

We currently us a mix of bison and beef bone. The bone we use, including bison bone, is all a byproduct  of ranching and the animals and are not killed just for their bone. Bison are not endangered or near extinction. Thanks to the efforts or bison ranchers, there are over 380,000 bison in north America today. There are over 2500 bison ranchers in the USA alone.

What is your return policy?

We stand by the quality of our product. If you ever have an issue with your jewelry we will repair or replace any item that is faulty due to the manufacture process.

If you are not satisfied with your item when it arrives, you may return your unworn jewelry for a full refund.

What are the care instructions for your jewelry?

It is best not to store your piece in direct sunlight when not wearing it to avoid fading of the color over time. There are natural oils in the bone that may become more noticeable over time as well. While you should have no trouble wearing them in wet weather, they should not be worn while bathing, swimming or hot-tubing. If you need to clean your piece please do so with great care. You can use a soft cloth or Q-Tip with little pressure to remove any soil .It is best to avoid using water to clean your piece if possible. Using a Q-Tip with silver cleaner on the Sterling only (not the bone) will remove any silver tarnish. You may also use a polish cloth on the silver but it is important to keep the cloth off the painted bone as well, as the tarnish from the cloth may discolor the painting.


Using some care with your piece should keep your wearable art looking good for many years. If you ever have any problem with your item please contact us for assistance as we want for your experience with our art to always be an enjoyable one!

Do you  do Custom Work?

Custom orders and art commissions are available. Lonny often takes special requests for new feather styles.

Over the years, Lonny has presented over 300 different styles of feathers in six different sizes. If you do not see something here that you would like, please contact us.The cost is usually no more than standard jewelry prices. We require a minimum of 50% down on custom orders, and a photo is sent for the buyers approval before shipping.

Commissions for paintings, sculptures and one of a kind pieces are available as well. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Details

All jewelry comes on a card with the birds name in a gift box, along with a jewelry care card. We use archival paint, and the jewelry is coated with a UV protectant sealer to help keep it looking new and to protect it from every day wear. Due to the nature of different artist pigments each color can react differently to exposure to the elements and to cleaning methods, but here are a few helpful tips to care for your wearable art piece.

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