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About Artist Lonny Cloud

Lonny Cloud began his line of hand crafted fine jewelry influenced by his native ancestry in 1986, after working as a sculptor and painter near Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. While carving a bust from cottonwood, he had a vision to create another art form – beautiful, finely detailed, feather earrings from bone.

At that time, he was the first contemporary artist to use this ancient form of art. Now with his skillful carving and love for his craft, he transforms ordinary bone into jewelry masterpieces.  

Necklaces, earrings, sculptures and other artwork hand carved from bone have a very special feel about them, unlike any other materials. The bone feathers very lightweight but are quite durable, and the fine detail carved into the bones has a fine texture much like real feathers.

His art never stops moving forward. His original designs, fine workmanship and use of top-grade materials puts his multi-media fine art pieces, and original paintings among the top artisans in the Southwest. Even his fine paintings are adorned with bone feathers. Additionally, beautiful giclee prints, made of archival paper and inks, are high quality reproductions of his original fine art designs.

The basis for Lonny Cloud’s work is his innate connection with all things natural. Each piece is an amazing blend of old and contemporary, using modern designs adorned with symbols of the earth accented with gemstone and sterling silver. Some designs also feature 14K gold as findings as well as other precious gems like sapphire and ruby. 

Using materials sourced from highly reputable suppliers, Mr. Cloud is dedicated to sustainability and ethically sourced materials. Additionally, he tracks and controls the process from start to finish, producing much higher quality work than designs manufactured outside of the U.S.

Lonny and his family have all created unique designs, which complement the incredible selection of jewelry, fine art and sculptures.

An Artist’s Mark

A mark represents a moment in time, recorded by the artist using any number of tools. For Mr. Cloud his mark dates back to the 1970’s when he simply signed his work with four initials linked together. Each mark signifies Lonny’s superior work.

“I constantly work to improve my artistic abilities and it is important to me that any piece of art that I make be of the highest quality possible before I put my signature to it.” — Lonny Cloud


Lonny Cloud is not currently an enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe in the United States.  His natve ancestry inspires him in his artwork but Lonny is not representing his work as Authentically Native American Made.

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