Kea Primary Bone Feather Jewelry

Kea Primary Bone Feather Jewelry

Kea Parrot is a new piece to the line this year. Named by Maori for the sound of its call, the kea (Nestor notabilis) is endemic to the Southern Alps of New Zealand and is the world’s only mountain parrot. They gained early notoriety among settler farmers for attacks on their sheep. 

Earrings Starting from $30.00
Necklaces Starting from $49.00

Feathers carved by hand in bone with detail to less than four thousandths of an inch and hand painted with 6 separate custom mixed colors. These wearable art pieces are finished with a durable acrylic clear-coat to bring you years of jewelry enjoyment.

  • Earring Sizes and Prices

    Earrings Starting from $30.00

    1 Single Earring Medium $30.00  - Small Earrings $49.00   - Medium Earrings $59.00 - Large Earrings $69.00 - Double Earrings Small & Medium $110.00

  • Necklace Sizes and Prices

    Necklaces Starting from $49.00

    Single Feather Necklace on Sterling  $49.00  - Single Feather Necklace on Black Onyx $49 .00 - Three Feather Necklace on Black Onyx $95 .00 - Five Feather Necklace on Black Onyx  $155.00 - Fifteen Feather Necklace on Black Onyx  $360.00

Styles and Sizes Available

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