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Lilac Breasted Roller Bone Feather Jewelry

The national bird of both Kenya and Botswana, the Lilac Breasted Roller, Coracias Caudata, the lilac-breasted roller is often considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world with its pastel plumage, striking field marks, and long tail streamers. Both sexes have the same colouration.

The species is found throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. The birds live in open woodland and savannah country, bushy game lands, and areas with well spaced trees.

All rollers, including the lilac breasted rollers, are highly territorial. They are also thought to be monogamous.

The species makes their nests in tree holes, as well as in termite mounds. They may also make use of unoccupied or abandoned woodpecker or kingfisher’s nest holes. Both males and females incubate the 2 – 4 eggs which are laid.

The rollers have a distinctive courtship flight, during which they dive from extreme height, rocking and rolling, while making loud, harsh calls.


I am constantly inspired by nature and wanted to share with you my creation and a bit of background on the bird.


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