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Ledger Style Flute Player Drum

Acrylic on 10 inch rawhide drum with 18 inch drum beater included.

This is the first in a series of small painted hand drums I am releasing.

The drum itself is approximately 10 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 inches deep. It is ready to display on a shelf, or hang in your collection. No drum is complete without a beater, so a nice, hand made 18 inch beater is included as well.

I have painted many drums for use and this drum has a very good sound, but it is, of course intended to be a fine art piece.

I really love Native Ledger Art and have spent the past few years developing my own style. While this is not a large piece, I have included much detail and as with all my native themes, is related to people of the northern plains at the time of first contact with whites.

The flute players clothing and hair style, as well as headdress are all from the period of the later 1830s. He wears a hair fringed shirt, (some of which is dyed red) with rolled ermine skin drops.

The quill work designs on his arm bands are historically correct as well as his earrings..

The headdress he wears contains 6 golden eagle tail feathers, some being notched and painted with various war honor markings. He has 2 notched raven feathers included who’s meaning varied from tribe to tribe, but are included as an honor for being a scout during a war party in this case. He also has a bunch of owl feathers at the base and an ermine skin hanging from the headdress.

Not all tribes used the flute for courting prospective brides, but that is what most people are familiar with, and the use of the flute was intended as such in this piece. The flute is carved with the head of a red head duck which is a bird from the northern plains and is a common theme seen on carved flutes from the region.

While ledger art styles from any period of history are usually not very detailed in technique, most designs are full of symbolism. I really enjoy including this sort of detail and symbolism in my art, and I hope you will enjoy this piece.

- Lonny

To purchase click link below

$450.00/ Free shipping


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