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Ledger style Dragonfly Dancer

My latest painting. 8x10 on 1/8th inch aqua board. Ledger style Dragonfly Dancer. Complete with 8x10x1.5-inch black wood frame and ready to hang. $390.00 Shipping included.

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I have been having fun with both new backgrounds and colors. I didn’t know what I would paint on this background when I first created it but am quite pleased with the results.

It is a simple little painting full of symbology which is a contemporary twist on ledger style figures as well as old school hair styles and headdress. The symbols on his arm and chest are tattoos from first contact period. Dragonflies were created by the Thunder Being which are both shown on his shield and he wears a warrior’s ermine skin. The feathers in his headdress, as always, are marked with various symbols of his success in battle.


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